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Welcome to the Bomaderry High School WikiEdit

All Nowra high school students and teachers chill area! But anyone can join! School is cool if your not a fool lol If there is any funny jokes, please post them here as long as there appropriate so we dont get in trouble! .”

Tasteofawesome com that s right

Creepy bunny XD


This looks cool

There was an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman on a deserted island. They all were starving and thirsty. They saw a bottle wash up on the shore but it was empty. The Englishman, mad from hunger, kicked the bottle and smashed it. The bottle shattered and a Genie floated up out of the glass. "I thank you for releasing me from that prison. I return i will grant you all a wish" The Englishman thought for a bit and then said, "I wish to go home, to England" The Genie said, "Your wish is my command" and the Englishman disappeared. The Scotsman wanted to go home too, so he vanished as well. The Genie turned to the Irishman. "What is your wish, Master?" The Irishman thought for a long minute before saying, "I fell lonely here, so I wish the others were back with me" :D

nowra high rox. youse bomos guys sucks balls

The end is nigh. He coming to take us. Please send help before h


Assassin 927

Chill Area.Edit

This area is created as a chill website! If you want to post test answers on here, do so but let no one that is a teacher know and if u are a techer can you please exit our site. and have a nice day. Our chat is finally up.

Again, any funny jokes, please post here.

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